Dry Eyes

eye drops next to sign that says dry eyes

Dry eye disease is now recognized as the most common eye ailment in the world and the prevalence of symptomatic dry eye is thought to be greater than 50% over the age of 50. The prevalence of non – symptomatic dry eye is much greater and will eventually lead to symptoms if not treated early.

At A to Z Eye Care, dry eye diagnosis and treatment comprise a significant part of our practice schedule. Diagnostic instruments have evolved to include measuring tear volume with the above mentioned OCT, the ability to measure tear osmolarity that has been proven to be a biomarker in all stages of dry eye. We now have the technology to measure inflammatory markers that contribute to dry eye as well as an instrument that can map and asses the health and functionality of the actual glands that produce the tear components.

The above is of course in addition to a careful evaluation of the eye tissues with the most advanced bio microscopes available. Upon diagnosis, there are numerous treatment options available.

Treatment of dry eyes might include:

  • Adding tears by using artificial tears and lubricating ointments.
  • Conserving your tears by insertion of punctal plugs.
  • Prescription medications or eye drops.
  • Other methods might include high quality fish oil and more.